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April 6 2009


M Color


M-Color-a presentation plotting tool designed for AutoCAD users who need to develop high quality plots of their AutoCAD designs
M-Color is a presentation plotting application designed for AutoCAD users who need to develop high-quality plots of their AutoCAD designs.

M-Color bridges the gap between traditional AutoCAD drafting and presentation graphics software. You can use AutoCAD's precision drafting capabilities to create and edit your CAD drawings, and take advantage of the advanced graphical effects and publishing possibilities of M-Color to produce a high-quality presentation plot.

M-Color is tightly integrated with AutoCAD so there is no need to import your AutoCAD drawing to some external graphics software and lose the editing link with AutoCAD.

Graphical effects

M-Color helps you to improve the appearance of your AutoCAD plots by offering additional graphical effects not found in plain AutoCAD, such as a wide variety of translucent effects, gradient fills, bitmap texture fills, high quality fonts, hand-drawing effect and drop shadows.

Hand-drawn effects, translucent fills, gradient fills and bitmap texturing with flexible options make the plots look very realistic. Click on the left to see a sample of the difference M-Color makes.

Extensive publishing possibilities

You can save your work in PDF, PostScript and EPS formats as well as in all common bitmap formats such as TIFF and JPEG. M-Color 9 plots are also easily exported to most page layout programs.

Advanced previewing

With M-Color's full-color preview you can increase productivity by avoiding wasted plots. In addition, scheduled printing saves time by allowing you to process time-consuming jobs during off hours.

Increases in productivity and plotting performance

M-Color has been designed to be a productive environment for producing high-quality presentation plots of real-world, large, complex CAD projects. You can control the plotting appearance of objects by assigning a fill style, outline width and outline style to a layer in M-Color – not to individual objects, which saves time when you want to change the appearance of the objects.

M-Color makes controlling the plotting order of objects very simple. Instead of controlling individual objects, you control the plotting order of layers. Just drag layers up and down in a list to change their relative plotting order.

With M-Color, you can save and reuse plot appearance configurations in new drawings. This results in significant time savings in preparing similar drawings in new projects.

M-Color takes extensive measures to ensure that plotting is as fast as possible and produces as small plot files as possible with all output technologies. In many cases, this leads to dramatic differences in printing time and plot file size between standard AutoCAD and M-Color plotting.


M-Color 9 is fully compatible with both AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT. You can run M-Color 9.1 with AutoCAD 2007-2000 and AutoCAD LT 2007-2002 on Windows XP/2000. M-Color works with all other AutoCAD based products like Architectural Desktop, Land Desktop and Map 3D as well.

Key benefits of using M-Color instead of traditional AutoCAD plotting include:

  • Additional graphical effects to improve the appearance of your presentation plots.
  • New publishing possibilities, including high-quality PDF, PostScript and bitmap exporting.
  • Advanced previewing capabilities.
  • Better plotting performance and smaller plot files.
  • Dramatic increases in productivity through layer-based plot appearance settings and reusability.

    Main features of M Color:

  • Add solid color fills, gradient fills and bitmap texture fills to entire AutoCAD layers
  • Use translucent effects with all fill styles
  • Add hand-drawn effects and one click drop shadows
  • Manage all plot settings with an easy-to-use dialog interface
  • Preview plots in full color
  • Save configurations for future use, which improves efficiency
  • Rely on calibrated colors in displays and printing
  • Plot with all Windows printers and plotters
  • Export plots to PDF, PostScript, EPS, TIFF, JPEG, GIF and many other file formats

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