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May 13 2008


N Track


Work-Time tracking system N-Track software was designed to be a work-time tracking system.It came about by accident. I had been involved in the development of an ASP based work-time tracking system for my company. Later on I had planned on converting it to .NET. But sadly my company wanted a version that could run on a Linux box and thus the web application was recoded using PHP. Anyway I had planned on using a remoting server and I didn't want to drop the idea.

That's when Chris Maunder started this VC++.NET competition and I thought what the heck, specially after James T Johnson also gave it the green signal. It's not much of an app really, but it demonstrates how you can write a Windows service using Managed C++ and how you can set it up as a remoting server. It also shows how you can mix managed code with your MFC applications that can then act as remoting clients.

The N-Track client is the program that you distribute to your employees. In the demo project that comes with the installation the client will only run on the same machine as the server, because the client is set to connect to localhost. I guess in the next release this will have to be changed so that the client reads the remoting server host information from a configuration file which is created during the installation.

In fact the N-Track client should have it's own installer package, instead of being bundled with the N-Track Admin tool and the N-Track remoting server as it is currently. Anyway it pops up a login dialog and you have to enter your username/password into the box and if you enter it correctly you get the screen shown above.

By default the date control will show the current date. But you can change it to any date you want to. You can have only 5 entries for any particular day, which is a restriction I placed on the client for UI requirements. The remoting server and the database have no such requirements. If you want to, you may write your own client that allows more than 5 entries per day.

The Project ComboBox will list all projects and the Activity combobox will list all activities. In the hours box you can fill in the hours you spent on any particular project. Using the date control if you move back to another date, the comboboxes will show the correct entries for that day and the hour boxes will show the entered hours. You can then modify any of the entries if you feel like it. The changes will not be saved unless you click on the Save button. You can to save for each date you have entered entries for. If you want to delete an entry, simply set the hours box to zero and the entry will get deleted. You can also change your password if you want to.

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