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Q-Project 4.0 Beta

OS Support:

Windows 2K / XP / 2003 / Vista / Vista64 / 7 / 7 x64


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February 13 2011


Q-Project 4.0 Beta


Q-Project has developed a compact solution to manage projects such as an integrated solution with Microsoft CRM & Outlook. Q-Project provides a mechanism for constant and effective communication involved between all of the project, a match between the project teams, customers and management to the objectives of the project, a total path of the funding and the budget, the necessary equipment and facilities to achieve, and clear responsibilities of individual team members.

Project management is all about getting organized and offers team members an easy way for you feedback when jobs are not completed within the expected time frame, if jobs will be affected by more than the household or in quality. Project management is risk management - Q-Project provides project managers with tools to detect, control and minimize the impact of uncertain events that may affect the project cost, schedule or quality.

Q-Project streamlined project management process by ensuring that the information is in regard to project status, tasks, missions, tasks and deadlines easily accessible and measurable by the project team. While each service commitment recognized Q-Project and follows the time and cost information and the current status of individual tasks and activities. optimize workflow and manage Q-Project triggered the flow of the project process, such as prioritizing, alarms, regulatory approvals, escalation, tasks, tracking changes and milestones.

Note: During the beta phase, this application for free.

Q-Project Requirements:

  • Microsoft CRM 4

    Q-Project Restrictions:

  • 120 days trial version

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