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May 2 2008


W right Pad


W'right Pad was designed to be an application that can be used as a replacement for MS Notepad W'right Pad was designed to be an application that can be used as a replacement for MS Notepad.

W'right Pad has a lot of functions which is missed in Notepad. W'right Pad was one of the first applications I started to work on, and is the oldest application that I'm still working on.

Here are some key features of "W right Pad":

  • Drag'n'Drop any file into W'right Pad to open it.
  • Support files larger than 64 kb, unlike MS Notepad 9x.
  • Line/Column/Percent/Position Indicator in status bar.
  • Able to change font and size of screen and printer text.
  • Replace strings of text in the current text.
  • Go to any line/character/percent in the text.
  • Text case control, UPPER, lower, Title, toggle, RaNdom and sEcOnD.
  • Recent list that can show up to the last 24 opened files.
  • Detailed file information on the current opened file.
  • Convert between OEM and ANSI and vice versa.
  • Text Analyzer that count words and more on all/selected text.
  • Customizable tab width in editor.
  • Ability to encrypt/decrypt the text in six difference ways!
  • Changing of background and text color, which can be saved.
  • Possible to colorize either HTML or words after a keyword-file.

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