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Yagoon Time 2.0.5

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June 6 2008


Yagoon Time 2.0.5


calendar software that lets you organize and visualize your life and then share it with your friends, family and coworkers Yagoon Time is a useful calendar utility that allows you to organize and visualize your life and then share it with your family, friends and coworkers.

Get a perfect overview of your events in one of Yagoon Time's many views. Everything between a day to 24 months is possible to show.

Separate your events and To Dos into different calendars and give each calendar an individual color. Choose to see them all together or choose to see, for example, only your work related calendars. Just select which calendars you want to see at any moment.

Subscribe to calendars on the Internet or local network. Select an update frequency and keep track of your friends' and coworkers' schedules automatically.

Share your own calendars by publishing them on the Internet or local network, making it possible for friends on the other side of the planet and your boss in the next office to keep track of your schedules.

By supporting the iCalendar standard, Yagoon Time will work seamlessly with softwares like Apple iCal, Mozilla Calendar, and so on. It also means there are thousands of calendars available on the Internet today for you to subscribe to in areas such as holidays, sport events, movie releases, to name a few.

Navigate by week numbers. Yagoon Time has fully integrated support for week numbers, a must-have in many European countries.

Yagoon Time supports all functions you suppose to find in a modern software; printing, fast searching, drag and drop, unlimited undo and redo, etc.


  • 50 event and 25 to do trial

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