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March 18 2008


Get Anonymous 1.2


The NEW technology offering a comprehensive online privacy service GetAnonymous is the NEW technology offering a comprehensive online privacy service. With GetAnonymous you can finally have all the features you always wanted in ONE PRODUCT.
These include
***** Privacy (Proxy Server, Chain of Proxies, Referrer Blocking, Hiding Page Titles),
***** Protection (Parsing Engine, Multiple IP Addresses, Hiding IP Address, Defensive Operating System, Content Control, JavaScript
Filter, Online Privacy Control),
***** Filtering (Cookie Control, Ad Blocking, Safe Cookies),
***** Control (Confidential Toolbar, User Friendly Wizard, Custom Settings, Internet Explorer Toolbar, Compatibility, Real-time
Activity Log).

GetAnonymous List of Features is considered the most wide-ranging of online privacy software. First time to introduce the proxy chain
technology, GetAnonymous allows you to stand behind multiple proxies. This provides you with more protection and privacy than ever.
GetAnonymous not only allows you to use a proxy chain, but also to control the length of this chain. You can set timing to end the
connection with the proxy servers if they stop responding. It provides you with a fresh list of proxies each time you update your
proxy. Our unique Internet Explorer toolbar puts all the privacy controls at your fingertips with a toolbar integrated with Internet
Explorer. Now you can work within one environment with all the security options in vision. GetAnonymous is definitely the most
Inclusive online privacy Software, at the lowest price available in the market.
*You get the advantage of staying Anonymous when chatting Online on MSN

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