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February 11 2013


DVR Studio Pro


DVR-Studio Pro offers, based on DVR-Studio, integrated DVD authoring and burning and the possiblity to create DVD menus DVR-Studio Pro is a powerful and reliable software application that offers, based on DVR-Studio, integrated DVD authoring and burning and the additional possiblity to create DVD menus.

It takes only 2 clicks to create a DVD after the usual editing of a recording!

DVR-Studio Pro enables you to transfer records from harddisks of various satellite receiver models to your PC using transfer modules.

You can either create appropriate file formats needed for a straight play-back on PC or for burning your recordings on a DVD directly.

Here are some key features of "DVR Studio Pro":

  • Express DVD creation: Creating a DVD with only one mouse click using the DVD Wizard's feature [Express DVD].
  • DVD Wizard: Alternatively to the feature of [Express DVD], you can also define the process stepwise by yourself
  • Each step of the process can be used individually: Demultiplexing / cutting, creating VOB files and burning DVDs. Thus, you are able to interfere to the process specifically. Speed of DVD burner selectable.
  • Chapter marks can be set manually or at defined, fixed intervals during the record's editing process. You can directly locate those marked positions in the recordings at the DVD player later.
  • Burning several records on one DVD. Using chapter marks for each record, you can locate each of your recordings directly on your DVD player later.
  • Creating auto boot disks starting simply by inserting them into your DVD player.
  • Demultiplexing recordings on PC into separate video and audio files, including AC3. Such file formats are suitable for further processing with external DVD authoring products.
  • Re-multiplexing video and audio files of a record into a common MPEG file. This file format can be performed by most of the Media Players directly on the PC.
  • Video and audio dubbing while de- or re-multiplexing.
  • Defining and administering an unlimited amount of cut areas in a recording. Thus, e.g. trailers and advertisings can be removed.
  • Deleting defined cut-areas directly in the source-file on the receiver, which will be shortened without recall.
  • Proper handling of points of intersection; no fragments or errors in the performance.
  • Possibility to save single picture previews as bitmap files.
  • Easy navigation inside the record with preview, navigation buttons, mouse wheel and keyboard.
  • Information about resolution, aspect ratio and number, type and format of the enclosed audio tracks.
  • Configuration facility for favoured file extensions, log files and output directories.
  • Automatic identification of advertisings and trailers by means of AC3 audio format changes. The corresponding cut areas will be set automatically.
  • Transfer modules for direct access to receiver harddisks.
  • Add-on to Dreambox for a direct readout of the receiver harddisk over network.
  • Cut preview: Check with picture and audio if the positon of your cut mark is correctly set.
  • Batch processing : Edit several records, add them to the batch list and start the further processingof the whole list with one mouse click..
  • Variable window sizes: From small to full screen; simply adjustable by mouse..
  • Support service: Individual messages or messages concerning updates will show up directly in the software.
  • Editing HDTV records possible

  • Intel compatible CPU with at least 800 MHz, 1.4 GHz and more recommended
  • A minimum of 256 MB RAM, better 512 MB and more
  • Harddisk(s) with a free capacity of at least 16 GB
  • DVD Burning Device
  • MPEG-2 compatible software player, e.g. PowerDVD, WinDVD
  • DirectShow 8.0 or better

  • 30-days trial

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