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H264Visa Mobile Solution 1.10

OS Support:

Windows 2K / XP / 2003 / Vista


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February 3 2010


H264Visa Mobile Solution 1.10


A powerful tool dedicated to analyzing H.264/AVC streams for Mobile and PC products
H264Visa is a powerful H.264/AVC realtime analyzer. It can analyze all the H.264/AVC videos for Mobile/Handheld Products, including all the Mobile TV videos(DVB-H/ISDB-T/MediaFLO etc), ipod or other portable videos using H.264/AVC Codec.

With lots of unique features like MB search, Decode Stage Display, H264Visa is a perfect tool to analyze H.264/AVC streams, to optimize H.264/AVC codecs, to learn and get in-depth info about H.264/AVC with your eyes.

H264Visa Mobile Solution was designed to help in H.264/AVC video development.

Main features of H264Visa Mobile Solution:

File formats:
· H.264 Byte Stream format(Annex B)
· MP4/3GP file formats.
· mpeg2 ts file format, inlcuding mpeg2 ts for ISDB-T 1seg

I/P/B MB insight analysis, including:
· MB type
· intra/inter prediction info
· ref list
· LP filter strength info
· I/P/B MB mode overlay display
· MB Search, can locate and count the number of MB type by MB type/group, mb bits etc.

MB pixel info and picture display in all decoding stages, including:
· Finally decoded pixels and picture display
· Pixels before Deblocking Filter and display
· Predicted Pixels and display
· Pixels info from residual data and display
· IDCT coefficients
· Pixels in Reference YUV and display
· The pixel difference between Reference YUV and finally decodec picture, and display

Overlay display on:
· Bit numbers for each MB
· QP/QPC for each MB
· Block Structures
· Motion Vectors

Header Info, including:
· SPS tree
· PPS tree
· SEI tree(Picture Timing SEI, Buffering Period SEI, Pan Scan SEI)
· Slice Header tree
· Dump decoded YUV output/Pixel/MB info into file.
· Friendly UI, including Play/Pause/FF/FR, etc.

Requirements of H264Visa Mobile Solution:

  • SSE-enhanced CPU (Intel Pentium III or above, Celeron, AMD Athlon, Opteron etc.)
  • DirectX 7.0 (or higher)
  • Compatible VGA card with 32-bit display at 1024 x768 resolution or higher
  • 512RAM or higher

    Limitations of H264Visa Mobile Solution:

  • 30 days trial
  • nag screen

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