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Babble 0.8.1

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Windows NT/2K/XP/2003


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April 16 2008


Babble 0.8.1


Babble is a free and useful software that gives you the possibility to make free internet calls worldwide
Babble is a free and useful software that . Limited's free software client for their SIP-based VoIP service. The client includes a built-in web browser, IM and SMS interface. G.711 and GSM codecs are integrated within the package for voice calling. Makes SIP-to-SIP calls via the Babble network, as well as receiving and making calls from/to GSM and PSTN networks.

The client software is generated using Python and various open-source components, although the client package itself is not currently open source. The software is freely downloadable and contains no spyware or integral advertising (banner ads are shown on the website). The service is also accessible using other standard SIP clients (e.g. SJphone and X-Lite) as well as SIP-compliant hardware (Grandstream, Linksys, SNOM etc.).

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