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January 27 2011




The mini eyeOS server is running a version of eyeOS for use under Windows without any additional server installations. It is for users who want to use to configure the eyeOS without a hosting provider or without a web server perfectly

When downloaded, you must run the unpacker and everything will be installed in your system. Within seconds you install your eyeOS and create an icon on the desktop for launching eyeOS in a separate browser (Firefox 1.5 is based on the large).

When you first start you will see it the install script of eyeOS. All you need is your root password and you can choose your new desktop!

With eyeOS of Intranet / Internet
If you have more than one computer on a local network, you can go to your eyeOS from another computer, log on by http://LOCAL_IP:85. For example, if the computer is installed with the mini server "" give and you will see the login screen of eyeOS!

Want more? If you have a properly configured router and firewall, you can access your eyeOS from internet by entering http://YOUR_PUBLIC_IP:85. You can find out your public IP by visiting

eyeOS requirements:

  • Microsoft. NET Framework 2.0

    What's New in eyeOS:

  • This version is a "stop, think and continue" our roadmap and fixes many small and large gaps in eyeOS that non-errors were annoying for the end user, such as missing features, not ordered or non-developed places in the desktop and base applications, etc.

  • eyeOS 1.8.5 includes an updated default theme, which is better organized and updated the default icon set, as usual, with oxygen as the base.

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