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f51-10 1.7

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December 26 2009


f51-10 1.7


F51-10 helps you become a full-fledged touch typist with just some short practice
If you work with a computer and often find yourself spending time hunting for keys on the keyboard, then chances are you will want the assistance of "f15-10". f51-10 is a keyboard tutor that will help you increase your typing speed.

This is a special keyboard tutor tool, which combines a keyboard simulator and a notepad. The software is most helpful for users who hunt-and-peck using two or three fingers on each hand to do the typing. "f15-10" will work wonders! After a little practice with it, you will realize that you can do the typing with all your fingers and that typing on the keyboard is as easy as using a mouse.

Unlike other keyboard simulators that provide boring texts for practice, "f51-10" lets you load any text you want. And this can truly be anything from the lyrics of a favorite song to a chapter from Joan Rolling. You can conveniently combine reading and practicing typing. "f51-10" teaches you how to type by prompting which key you must type right at the moment. It brings your eyes up to the screen, instead of locking them to the keyboard. Learn to type right! It's fast. It's fun.

Main features of f51 10:

  • easy but effective and convenient keyboard simulator;
  • keyboard simulator and notepad: 2 in 1.

    MS IE 4.0

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