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G.728 Audio codec Win32 library(no time limitation

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Windows ME/2000/XP/VISTA


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February 14 2009


G.728 Audio codec Win32 library(no time limitation


G.728 Audio Codec Win32 library. EasyG728 is an implementation of ITU G.728. EasyG728 support multiple channels concurrent. There is no limit in concurrent channels and it can up to thousands channels. EasyG728 is an 16kbps coder that encodes/decodes speech signal. The coder operates on speech frames of 10 ms, corresponding to 80 samples at a sampling rate of 8000 samples/sec. In addition to the 10 ms speech frame duration, there is also a look-ahead delay of 0.625 ms, resulting in a total initial algorithmic delay of 10.625 ms. EasyG728 has a binary release version on Windows and Linux. The source code of EasyG728 is written by C/C++, so you can easily port it to UNIX, PPC,DSP, Vxworks or other operation system that support C/C++. This version has no time limitation. The trial version can download from

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G.728 Audio Codec Win32 Library(no Time Limitation

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