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Izlenim Site Monitor 1.00

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April 18 2008


Izlenim Site Monitor 1.00


Monitor sites and be alerted via E-Mail or ICQ if one or more sites goes down. Izlenim Site Monitor is the right application which will help you to keep an eye on your sites, so that you can see wheather they are accessible on the net or not. When a service goes down, you can choose to be alerted with an audible alarm, E-Mail or ICQ Pager.

Izlenim Site Monitor will always show the current state of all sites you are monitoring.

Izlenim Site Monitor have many features including customized polling intervals for every site, enabling/disabling individual sites, event logging, accessibility reports for all or any individual site, multiple projects and many more. When Izlenim Site Monitor is running it will always show the current state of every site you are monitoring.

With an easy to use interface and a continuous Internet connection, you will be able to do other projects, and not have to constantly pull your web site up to see if your web site is accessible to everyone and your customers. Izlenim Site Monitor can automatically start with your computer and start the
monitoring process by itself. It is easy to use and it will instantly alert you if
one or more of your web sites are not online.

Izlenim Site Monitor will save you time and money and if you have a web service it will give your customers more satisfaction.

Here are some key features of "Izlenim Site Monitor":
Multiple Web Site Monitoring Support

  • Izlenim Site Monitor supports monitoring of an unlimited number of web sites in the registered version. The evaluation version is limited to 5, which should be enough to see if this meets your needs.
    Website Management
  • You can manage every website individually from within Izlenim Site Monitor. You can set the intervals of each check, as well as get detailed reports of all or single website.
    Real-time Activities Monitor
  • This feature enables you to monitor the activities of every website in real time.
    Advanced Reporting
  • Izlenim Site Monitor can give you summaries of websites as well as detail reports showing how the speed (in relation to your internet connection) of each website you monitor.
    Flexible notifying
  • When any of your websites are not responding Izlenim Site Monitor can notify you in many ways, you can have a wav file played, or Izlenim Site Monitor can notify you via e-mail or ICQ.
    Detailed Log
  • Izlenim Site Monitor records every check it does to the sites, recording time of check, result, time taken and bytes recived. Also from with the program you can convert the log to plaintext or CSV for later viewing or import into MS ACCESS or MS EXCEL.

  • 27 days trial

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