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LiteManagerFree 4.2.1

OS Support:

Windows 2K / XP / Vista / Vista64 / 7 / 7 x64


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January 18 2011


LiteManagerFree 4.2.1


lite free manager is designed with a powerful and intelligent application that you can control a computer from another. In the window you see the desktop of the remote computer and can control them with the mouse and keyboard.

The program consists of two parts: installing the client module manager lite viewer on the administrator's computer and the server module manager lite server on remote computers. To add to specify a new connection in the list manager lite viewer needs only its IP address and can be written in the way provided to connect the installation manager lite server password.

Interface of the program is to be as user friendly as possible. You can re-plate the way you like, while the main elements positioned separately and are easily available. The list of remote computer can be displayed in different styles: thumbnails, which increases as the normal or symbols can be as a table.

Different computers will be displayed differently depending on their status - a computer that has to be made in the "Online" status is displayed when no ROM server is running or installed on the remote computer, the status is "not found", in If a connection to the server is not authorized to have the icon, the locked state.

free lite manager allows you to obtain reliable information about the current status of the computer and what is going on at the moment. You will learn easy to remember how to use the interface and to serve as convenient and easy lite manager is free after you work with him for a while.

Note: lite free manager allows to manage 30 computers. You can increase the number of computers with the purchase of the product.

lite manager free key features:

  • View the remote desktop in real time
  • You can change features drag and drop, the clipboard, monitors from a remote computer.

    File Manager:
  • The File Manager allows you to access the file system of the remote computer, where you move, copy and delete.

    Remote Task Manager:
  • The Remote Task Manager, you can see the processes, windows and services on the remote computer. If necessary, you can start or stop the process or service you need.

    Power Management:
  • Power management enables you to turn off a remote computer, restart, lock or wake.

    Text chat:
  • There are two types of clients (users) in the manager lite text chat: Administrators are users who communicate via ROM viewer and regular users to communicate via ROM server.

  • The "terminal" mode, you can get full access to the command line on the remote computer. You can execute commands and programs in the Terminal window exactly the same as in the command line of "cmd" system tool.

    Device Manager:
  • You can view the Device Manager, and to collect detailed information about hardware and software on remote computers. It is possible to automatically generate reports for the specified computer and export them in HTML or XML format.

    Screen Recorder
  • The "Screen Recorder" mode allows you to monitor user activity to be completely independent of ROM viewer.

    Network card:
  • Please compounds is on the map as you need it. To make it more convenient, you can use the extra window to draw lines between them, highlight them with colors, additional objects.

    Connecting with a dynamic IP address:
  • The "Call Connection" function allows the server to initiate a network connection. This mechanism is also possible to connect to a server that is unknown behind a firewall or if his IP address.

    Remote Installation:
  • You can install the remote installation, update start or stop server manager lite on a particular computer.

    Server Search:
  • Viewer includes an integrated system of user for the network server. The search uses the IP address ranges, you can configure the search areas. List of possibilities lite manager and screenshots.

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