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R.A.L.E. View 1.0

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February 17 2011


R.A.L.E. View 1.0


The RALE View application was developed to display a freeware program to analyze and play audio files airways. The inclusion of the air flow data makes it possible to extract reproducible information from average sound spectra under standard conditions. This offers the possibility of objective measurements relate to the respiratory sound respiratory health of children and s.

RALE View is more than a tool for respiratory acoustic research. Teachers and students appreciate the nursing profession and the advantages of a compact computer program, the high-quality digital images of the lungs sounds.with information presented on air flow and respiratory volumes.

You can open and save files as:
a) RALE recordings
These files have been scanned 10 240 Hz, 12 bit resolution and include air flow information.

b) binary file RALE
These files can be used by other programs such as MatLab.

c) WAV files
These files contain no air flow information.


Free for personal use on a non-exclusive basis.

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