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ScholarCite 1.1

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January 9 2010


ScholarCite 1.1


A simple tool that will help you write standards compliant literature references
ScholarCite is a simple tool that will help you write standards compliant literature references. ScholarCite is very intuitive. Simply fill out some fields, and press"Write". The ScholarCite auto-generator then creates a bibliography entry for your works cited list.

With ScholarCite, you no longer need to spend time on researching different standards such as APA, MLA, Chicago,Turabian and the Harvard System of Referencing.

Furthermore, ScholarCite can automatically format the text, so you don't have to remember which parts should be italic, bold or underlined. And just in case you need help on how to fill out the fields, a HelpBox provides valuable tips.

Finally, ScholarCite is flexible. You can easily create your own standards and even edit the included standards, e.g. the American Psychological Association standards, using Notepad.

Whether you are college student, scholar, journalist, researcher, scientist or elementary school pupil - and regardless of whether you are writing an essay, dissertation, scholarly article, school assignment etc., ScholarCite is an ideal tool to help you perfect your referencing style.


  • Disk space: 350 KB

    What's New in This Release:

  • Miscellaneous improvements and bug fixes
  • Added option to disallow certain characters
  • Added option to require specific fields (i.e. disallow '
  • empty fields)
  • Added BibTeX (simplified) support
  • Corrected some minor mistakes in the standards

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