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March 26 2011




ShellFolderFix is a free utility for windows 7 which can remember the position and size of all individual Windows Explorer windows once you have installed it and set the option.

ShellFolderFix will restore the respective setting when the folder reopens again. This tiny application runs in the background and does it job quietly. Besides saving the folder's position, this tiny utility also provides some setting options such as starting the program automatically at logon, show window titles, show window icons, etc.

ShellFolderFix is a Shell Extension product from, get 4 Stars SoftSea Rating, ShellFolderFix basically an app to make Windows 7 explorer folder windows remember their size and position. It has a couple of additional features too, and hopefully some more later on.

It does not manage window size/positions of regular applications, if you want that, other apps like Window Manager do it. Allthough I haven't tried it, in theory it should work to run Window Manager simultaneously, if it is configured to ignore folder windows (found as "CabinetWClass"). I'd powerfully recommend configuring WM to ignore them, or disable WM, before running ShellFolderFix, to avoid any potential "fighting" between the two apps.

ShellFolderFix is a small software that allows you to enable folder and size position saving as well as maintaining folder browsing history between sessions. Once you set the options you want and send the software to the system tray you never need to bother with it again, it runs in the background keeping track of the folders and restoring them to their respective positions had fully tested, reviewed and uploaded the install files,

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