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StormPredator 3.5

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Windows 2K / XP / Vista / 7


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January 6 2011


StormPredator 3.5


StormPredator provides personal near real-time NEXRAD doppler radar images from any location in the USA on your PC desktop. It has an EXCLUSIVE storm tracker and predictor tool, plus personal scan zone and a lat/lon plus distance measuring tool that helps you track storms, predict ETA, and plot storm paths. No data fees.

The radar images are free. It's like having your own personal live Weather Radar on your desktop to warn you of approaching storms.

SP also features a state of the art user interface with customizable skins and buttons for cool hi-tech and extreme looks.

StormPredator also offers: Radar Image Processing, ground clutter removal, Automated storm analysis and pop-up alerts, pager, email and cellphone alerts, computer model driven IntelliWeather Forecasts for over 60,000 US cities, plus a national and state level interactive radar, and weather warning status map, and complete weather bulletins for your area.
Will also send radar images to cell phones and has full screen mode for use with TV output.

StormPredator main features:

  • Realistic map topography for all NEXRAD sites is included as standard, long and short range.
  • 9 NEXRAD radar products - including Reflectivity, Precip totals, Velocity, Echo Tops, and VIL
  • Multiple overlay layers - lightning strikes, roads, county borders, state/national borders, rivers/lakes, city names, and weather warnings, all instantly and independently selectable. A custom layer can be added.
  • Instantly selectable user interfaces- Traditional round radar scope or Windows rectangular style
  • SP3 fetches all 24 loop images available on startup. No more waiting to collect additional images
  • SP3 can now save and playback thousands of history files, allowing for tracking entire days of storm events
  • SP3 is now GIS accurate! Plotting lat/lon position and distances are even more accurate
  • Show weather warnings overlaid on the radar map as they are issued by the NWS
  • The "analyze" tool has been updated to support all new radar products in SP3, making it even more useful. It now works with single stepped images in the loop to analyse older images.
  • Looping can now play back radar loops at real-time speeds if the graphics card/CPU supports it
  • Custom color palettes can be loaded - such as a "winter pallete" for snow/ice
  • SP3 now has a selectable "drop shadow" feature to make the radar echoes more visible, especially when used with TV displays that use S-Video or NTSC output
  • Send Radar Images to Cell Phones! Sends JPEG or PNG images on Scan Zone Alerts Email, and/or Picture Cellphones, Plain text based email and pager alerts are also available.
  • New markers Place Markers on the map along with descriptive text, over 70 to choose from, even a mobile home! Plus you can create your own markers or icons for on-screen plotting
  • FTP to Web Pages Radar Images are automatically saved to disk for using an external FTP Uploader program to send SP images to your web page. FTP program is included free in the CD ROM version
  • Image processing and image smoothing - provides a better radar presentation
  • Full-screen mode shows radar images in static, rotating beam, or loop mode without the user interface
  • EXCLUSIVE Storm Tracker Tool plots speed, direction, distance, and ETA!
  • Free radar imagery - No subscription fees! Uses public domain NWS data
  • Latitude and Longitude position reporting with a single mouse click!
  • Personal Weather Radar with "Always On" Live Display Mode
  • Personal Storm Alarm - settable for your area where you live or work - simply draw on the map
  • Create custom Overlays for road symbols, towns, landmarks
  • Mini-Mode provides updated display in small format on your desktop
  • Pop-up storm alerts with or without audio alert, customizable .WAV file
  • Stunning user interface with custom skins and buttons
  • Looping/Animation with variable speed and single step mode
  • Save radar loops to disk, load them again for history playback of severe weather
  • Distance Measuring Tool- measure how far away storms are from you! - Statute or Nautical Miles
  • Zoom Control - movable and sizable window, variable magnification
  • Storm Cell Analyzer- determine strength of storm cells - your own personal storm lab !
  • Automatic Ground Clutter blanking when in Clear Air Mode, eases interpretation - selectable on/off
  • Background or Foreground Operation, plus compact operational modes
  • Full USA coverage for the entire 155 site NEXRAD Weather Radar Network, including Alaska, Guam, Hawaii, & Puerto Rico
  • Auto radar sweep beam with variable color, width, and speed
  • Auto radar image refresh and update, short and long range, plus base and composite modes
  • Auto radar image history download, gets image loop automatically, no waiting!
  • Alert Sensitivity and Threshold controls
  • Personal 24/7 Forecaster built in for over 60,000 USA and Worldwide locations
  • Interactive Weather Warnings Map, national & state levels- plus radar & satellite overlays & full text of weather bulletins
  • Radar Image Enhancement- choose custom colors, flash selectable echo levels for visibility
  • Easy and intuitive operation, Hotkeys for faster operation, plus a built in Help Reference
  • Works anywhere you have an internet connection - great for Storm Chasing Tours
  • Works with dialup modems, LAN, ISDN, Cable modems, Satellite Internet, DSL, T1...even AOL

    StormPredator requirements:

  • You must be connected to the Internet to run Storm Predator, you can connect via an Internet Service Provider via Modem Dialup, DSL, cable modem, satellite, or T-1 or other methods of connecting to the Internet.
  • If you are running a Personal Firewall program, you will need to allow Storm Predator to access the Internet through it.
  • Your PC must have at least 800x600 screen resolution with a color depth of 16 bits or higher. 24/32 bits is recommended for best quality.
  • Your PC processor should be a Pentium 3, or 4 of at least 1 GHz or faster for best performance, though SP will run on machines as slow as 800 mHz. Our recommended minimum is Pentium 4 at 2 GHz or faster
  • A minimum of 256 MB of ram is recommended, the more the better, 512MB preferred

    StormPredator limitations:

  • The Trial version runs 30 days and some minor features like saving, color buttons, and skins have been disabled to reduce download size.
  • Nag screen.

    What's new in StormPredator :

  • The text of mobile device/pager alert messages is customizable, just as the email messages are.
  • The user may edit the standard message template ("pager_template.txt") to customize the alert message.
  • If the beam was set to one-revolution mode, it would revolve continuously when triggered if the program is in full-screen mode.
  • The Save History feature could crash under some conditions.
  • Full Screen mode: exiting that mode could cause the desktop background to remain as the radar image.
  • Full Screen mode: Vista and Windows 7 platforms would lose the input focus in full screen mode (no response to keyboard or mouse until it is clicked on the display).

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