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VAC Voice Activated Commands

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February 23 2008


VAC Voice Activated Commands


VAC is Voice Recognition software for controlling Windows, Games etc. The VAC system is a useful program which you use to issue commands to your flight simulator or role playing game. Since you have your hands full while playing those busy games you can now put your voice to work for you. Use your voice to speak words or phrases to issue commands to you favorite games. VAC uses a unique method in phrase recognition which greatly reduces unwanted issued commands caused by ambient noises.

The VAC system consists of two parts, the VAC profile builder and the recognition program. The VAC Builder is used to create and manage game profiles while the recognition program runs the game profile.

VAC was created from the start so anyone could build their own profile for any software that uses keyboard commands. You no longer have to wait for someone else to create and release a game profile or modify your in game keyboard assignments to make the profile work. You can easily create or modify your own profiles.

The VAC Builder allows you to easily build and maintain game profile using a graphical user interface.

Here are some key features of "VAC Voice Activated Commands":

  • You can assign sounds or speech to each action, a sound or phrase will play for success when the command was recognized.
  • Built in sound recorder to record your own responses when a command is recognized.
  • Each action can have any number of keyboard commands and each keyboard command can send any extended key, characters, key combinations, or mouse button click.
  • Each keyboard command can be set to Toggled (press once = on, press again = off).
  • Duration is how long the key is depressed.
  • Pause is the length of time between key stokes.
  • Repeat is the number of times the the key is pressed.
  • By setting the Profile Activation Keys you can create three modes of operation. Setting push to active and push to deactivate to "NONE" will keep VAC active continuously.
  • Assigning a key to push to activate will activate VAC only while the assigned key is depressed.
  • Push to deactivate overrides PTA and will deactivate VAC while the key is depressed (used for voice over the Internet programs).
  • You can have multiple Activation Phrases to trigger an action.
  • You can select actions from one profile and export them to an existing profile.

  • Microsoft Speech 5.1 or 6.1 a version with this included is availbale for download

  • Full version 30 days trial

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