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YAFPC-Appliance 7.00

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July 26 2011


YAFPC-Appliance 7.00


YAFPC Appliance is a Network PDF Server running on a Linux Life System. Any PC can act as a PDF print server, an unlimited number of network shared Virtual PDF Printer supplies. No operating system or other software installation is required. While the system requirements are low, any older PC can be used.

The configuration of the system can be run from a web browser from any workstation on the network. Virtual shared printers can be configured to letterheads, watermarks, and appendices for all printed documents to apply. After printing a document sent to the owner by post or can be accessed in a shared folder on the server.

The use of this package is quite simple: Do they simply burn the ISO to a disc, use it to boot, then configure the printer and start printing PDF files.

YAFPC Appliance key features:

  • Easy Installation: The CD-ROM contains a complete operating system that can be booted on any PC. Automatic hardware detection and automatic installation of all required software components to be carried out without user interaction.
  • No client installation required: Each time a client on a shared network PDF Printer on the YAFPC-Appliance PDF Server the first time, the required printer driver is automatically installed on the client workstation.
  • No user account management required: Each time a user on a shared network PDF Printer on the YAFPC-Appliance PDF Server the first time a user account is created on the fly "and a shared network folder" Personal Folders "on this user provided. The user can access this folder to obtain her / his printed PDF documents. An e-mail account created on the fly. " The PDF document will be sent in addition to the e-mail account.
  • Unlimited number of network shared PDF Printers: The YAFPC-Appliance administrator can together an unlimited number of PDF printer on the network can be easy to use browser interface for administration. Each PDF Printer can be configured to apply page numbers, special letterheads, watermarks, cover pages and encrypt attachments to every printed document and the document for the protection against manipulation are.
  • Unlimited number of different letterheads, watermarks, cover pages and annexes: the YAFPC-Appliance administrator can be assigned to multiple files at the YAFPC-Appliance PDF Server on each PDF Printer for composing upload documents.
  • In the case of printed documents which the user print the user's e-mail address is automatically created on the fly "is sent from her / his user name and appending the domain names: Easy creation of email aliases. When the user names do not match their e-mails on a network, the appliance YAFPC administrator creates an e-mail alias for each user. Aliases are of the form "Alice: a.smith @".

    YAFPC appliance requirements:

  • Pentium 500 MHz
  • 256 MB RAM
  • 1GB Hard Drive
  • Bootable CD-ROM drive
  • Network Interface

    YAFPC appliance restrictions:

  • 30-day trial

    What's new in YAFPC Appliance:

  • The "point and print" driver installation will work with Windows buy 7 (32bit and 64bit).

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