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P/T Logger 1.0

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January 19 2011


P/T Logger 1.0


P / T Logger is a useful, free and small utility I needed to print and file network and Internet Pings and Trace Routes! Nothing special, just a handy little logger.

You can set the number of pings and time between pings. In trace mode, you can specify the number of hops. You can save the details or the details in a file. A great benefit for the network guru.

P / T Logger requirements:

  • PIII processor type 666 MHz or faster (P4 recommended)
  • 256 MB RAM
  • NIC

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  • The logger can automatically delete old calls to conserve the amount of disk space used by each channel. When disk space is low and this threshold setting is reached, oldest calls are automatically deleted to free disk space. The logger will continue...

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