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P5 Control 0.9c

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February 17 2011


P5 Control 0.9c


The P5 Control VST plug-in will allow the same time, the eight checks to be sent to change from a P5 Glove (X, Y, Z position and the bend of the five fingers) and the values to visualize. It must receive the MIDI data being sent over a MIDI router from P5GloveMIDI Ross Bencina (in absolute coordinates).

It can process the data in the following ways:
- The type of controller
- Scaling of the curve
- Invert the direction
- Shift
- Transformation of the curves by simple mathematical functions or a graphical transfert function
- Lower and Upper Limit
- Inertia to smooth the irregularities of the P5 or create very smooth movement
- The thumb can trig a note from a threshold

P5 Control Requirements:

  • VST Host

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