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Dazzle MotorSport Screensaver

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Windows ME/2000/XP/VISTA


Publisher Old version


April 11 2008


Dazzle MotorSport Screensaver


Absolutely dangerous colorful Dazzle motor sport. Crazy high-speed motorbikes make everybody's blood curdle. All man's things in one main point - motorbike: metal, motor, speed, wind, adrenalin. You and your motorbike is a single whole. Nothing but speed and adrenalin. What to be a part of whole speed world, be in real man's world? Download Dazzle Motorsport screensaver and be with us. The screensaver includes 35 amazing images. All the pictures have High resolution and a High Color (24-bit). The screensaver automatically fits them to your size of screen.

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Dazzle Motorsport Screensaver

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