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U.S. Navy: Guardian of the Seas, Vol. II Screensaver 4.0

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February 20 2008


U.S. Navy: Guardian of the Seas, Vol. II Screensaver 4.0


The sequel to the award-winning and immensely popular first volume. From the might and range of its immense aircraft carriers to the deadly stealth of its attack submarines, the United States Navy commands and dominates the oceans of the world like no other naval force before it. This screensaver offers you a view of the ships of the world's most powerful navy. From amphibious assault ships to carriers to destroyers to frigates to submarines, they are here for your enjoyment and pleasure in fifty additional images not available in the first volume. Additional features: - Selection From 23 Optional Transitional Effects - User Determined Delay Between Each Image - Desktop Screensaver Quick Start Control - System Tray Screensaver Control - Optional Password Protection - Microsoft Plus! Support - Optional Titles - Easy, Automatic Uninstall
Platforms supported:
Windows 95, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 98, Windows ME

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