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YaCy 0.90

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February 27 2011


YaCy 0.90


This is your web search engine for the freedom of information: search requests are anonymous, independent and uncensored. No central server, no storage of user behavior.

YaCy can be used as your own private search engines.

Use YaCy on a search for my web host sites offer web pages with the built-in http server.

YaCy main features:

  • to find information that hide other search portals.
  • Hide prevent your searches for someone to submit your queries in plain text. Privacy is important.
  • Join a community of independent YaCy users you share your web index and the distributed search network for uncensored, user-driven web search.
  • You can create your own web search run time, either for yourself or on a public Internet Search Portal
  • Enter a search function for your own website or intranet.
  • No one else but you censor your internet research, because there is no central server that could use a global filter.
  • The search results are better if you search your own domain, and looking to be defined within this domain. With YaCy you can feed in the fields that host specialist information for your search.

    YaCy requirements:

  • Java 1.5

    What's new in YaCy:

  • Added Media Search
  • Added Web pages for images, audio, video and application search.
  • Added links media presentation to fetch during snippet, the Image Search presents search results as thumbnails.
  • Better recognition of the search results for text snippet generation.
  • Media results are to be collected again after Remote results indicated only links media are used to update the index.
  • Better result rankings
  • New ranking parameters and the appearance on the Internet are now taken into account.
  • Ranking faster, more references can be sorted and sorted within a given search time.
  • Ranking parameters can be delivered via remote peers and then applied.
  • Suppose Advanced search for new ranking parameters.
  • Coefficient of the detailed search can be set as the default page ranking, it replaces the old ranking alternatives.
  • Better monitoring Crawl
  • After starting a crawl is initialized, the crawler will monitor showed.
  • The crawl Monitor now shows all the elements in a queue table. ...

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