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Andrea AudioCommander

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Windows XP / Vista


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February 17 2011


Andrea AudioCommander


AudioCommander is an audio mixer program similar in functionality of the system Volume Control program. With the system volume control to the necessary settings, to make a microphone can be very confusing. This application also makes it easy to get the correct settings for the microphone.

New, improved audio user interface for audio commander USBD-2A provides the same great features customers are enjoying a new look and feel have for Vista.

Now with full bandwidth VU meters for input and output, new pure audio noise reduction filtering for hearing clean audio output as well as new DSDA3 microphone array beam steering.

ANDReA AudioCommander main features:

Speaker output now with additional noise

  • New noise reduction filtering hear the audio increases the intelligibility of your VoIP calls, use with your headphones or speakers.

    Directional beam steering (DBS)
  • DSDA3 adaptive beamforming now comes with new software that allows manual control of the microphone beam toward your desired receiving point in the direction to steer.

    Graphic Equalizer
  • Contains a high fidelity 10 band Graphic Equalizer with 18 preset selection for the targeting of low, mid and treble audio levels for adjusting the sound tone to fit your music type.

  • With new echo stop full-duplex echo cancellation technology USBD2A. Turn your PC into a high-quality speakers. Combined pure audio noise reduction filtering input and output, to minimize background noise to your VoIP communication sound quality and improved.

    Directional beam
  • With new DSDA3 adaptive beam forming noise reduction software. Provides extreme directions array microphone with noise suppression performance stationary or manual controlled beam steering.
  • Enhance VoIP communications and video conferencing applications for clear conversations in noisy environments without the need for close talking microphone boom.

    Voice Recording
  • With tried and true DSDA2 beamforming and pure audio noise reduction software. Provides directional array microphone noise reduction, designed to far-field (headset free) speech recognition dominates and controls the power.

    No filtering
  • Provides unfiltered stereo microphone audio input or high fidelity stereo recordings.

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