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G-tune 2.50

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February 17 2011


G-tune 2.50


G-tune has gained the reputation as the most accurate and advanced Instrument Tuner.

Learning from students how to play violin, corporations and small businesses creating unique and beautiful musical instruments, G-tune has an indispensable tool.

G-tune automatically measures the pitch of your instrument with a unique high-accuracy algorithm (0.01Hz measurement resolution from 15Hz to 5500Hz, better than 0.1cents accuracy).

Use G-tune frequency meter, oscilloscope and realtime spectrum analyzer correctly set-up electric guitars, to tune acoustic instruments, and work out your singing voice.

Fast, precise and easy to use, G-tune runs under Windows98/NT/2000/XP with any Windows-compatible sound card. It is the must-have for professional and amateur musician accessories.

G-Tune main features:

  • Strobe Tuner
  • Real-time pitch-to-MIDI
  • real-time graphical pitch display
  • and accurate input calibration

    G-Tune limitations:

  • Some features are disabled in demo mode.
  • Nag Screen

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