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g0 Shoutcast recorder 1.5

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February 29 2008


g0 Shoutcast recorder 1.5


g0 Shoutcast recorder is a legal MP3 Recording made possible with GroundZero's shoutcast recorder Recording MP3's legally has never been that easy ! With our Stream Recorder you can record all your favorite songs or whole mix sessions from Internet Radio Stations all over the World. Simply tune in to a Station and listen to it and if you like the music, you just hit the record button and the Stream will be recorded to MP3 and saved on your Harddrive.

Just the same as you did on conventional Radio stations, although the quallity is way better !

The good thing about it - you dont have to obtain songs from illegal p2p/warez networks and steal copyrighted material as that is obviously not allowed in most countries. However if you record the free Radio streams for your own, you dont have to worry. But remember you are not allowed to offer your recorded streams for download to other users, it is strictly ment for personal use ! Please check your local laws to be sure they havent been changed. in some countries any recording might be illegal. though most countries allow it.

We included a list of almost 500 radio stations to choose from, but of course you can also add your own stations easily.

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