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Z-Tuner 1.0

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February 17 2011


Z-Tuner 1.0


The Z-Tuner is a user-configurable 12 Window pitch tuner and music analyzer with an easy to read and intuitive display.

Displays detected notes in normal music notation. Select any major or minor key. Select treble, bass, tenor or alto clef.

Create any transposition. Adjust pitch reference and temperament, or select from multiple historic temperaments.

Recording, playback and analyze intonation and rhythm. Generate tones to learn correct tuning intervals by listening and playing along.

The Z-Tuner also automatically keeps a practice log.

Z-Tuner Requirements:

  • Sound Card
  • Microphone
  • DirectX 7th (DirectX 8 is included in the installation.)

    Z-Tuner limitations:

  • 10-day trial

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