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Z-Maestro 1.4.3812.36816

OS Support:

Windows XP / Vista


Publisher Old version


July 20 2011


Z-Maestro 1.4.3812.36816


Imagine write, design play, record, mix and musical composition all in the same program. Z-Maestro, you can. The Z-Maestro application was designed to have intuitive, good looking and a great feature set!

Z-Maestro main features:

  • Detailed Timeline view
  • Roll Editor for instrument and drum parts
  • Piano and percussion tool window
  • Record using your computer keyboard as a piano
  • Recording with an external MIDI keyboard
  • Audio effects like chorus, echo, pitch shift, and more
  • Part-library with "Export to Part Library" command
  • Manage your music collection in part by the "Z-Maestro Part Libraries" folder
  • Import parts from the Internet in your branch library download
  • Export projects to a MIDI file
  • Import projects from a MIDI file (experimental)
  • Import WAV, OGG, WMA, MP3, and all Windows Media file formats to audio components and projects
  • Export projects or selections to WAV, MP3 or WMA format
  • Advanced audio editor with task-based options
  • Audio recording
  • SoundFont rendering
  • Split / Merge of tools
  • Oneshot or adaptive audio parts
  • Transpose audio parts

    Z-Maestro requirements:

  • Memory - 512 MB, but 1-2 GB is recommended
  • Hard disk space - about 7 MB Z-Maestro, etc. for stored files
  • NET Framework 2.0

    Z-Maestro limitations:

  • Some features are disabled
  • Can not be added more than 3 songs at once

    What's new maestro in Z:

  • Has pitch control roll editor
  • Added time slider part editors
  • Added ability to observe, process speed in the role of editor
  • Added global project timelines, also known as the "Master Track
  • Added search field instrument selector
  • Modified instrument voters only once arpeggio play
  • Added ability to disable instrument selector Arpeggio
  • Added support Windows 7 taskbar progress
  • Added ability to change the engagement of the role of editor
  • Added ability to back on the Welcome screen, drag to open it
  • Added scroll indicator when dragging with the middle mouse button
  • Added help text to deadlines and Roll Editor
  • Improved audio spectrum view load time
  • Updated CUDA runtime and libraries CUFFT
  • Updated DIRAC pitch shifting and time stretching library
  • Updated many parts of the user interface to be consistent and easier to understand
  • Updated to Visual C + + 2010 Runtime

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