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P2P Doctor 2.1.0

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February 16 2008


P2P Doctor 2.1.0


P2P Doctor removes all adware, spyware, popup ads, banner ads, and other third party software from the popular P2P programs P2P Doctor removes all adware, spyware, popup ads, banner ads, and other third party software from the popular Peer To Peer (P2P) file sharing programs Limewire, Morpheus, iMesh, BearShare, Kazaa Media Desktop and Warez P2P without rendering the software unusable.

In fact, P2P Doctor will scan your system for thousands of types of adware, spyware, etc., and remove it if found. Now you can use these programs without the annoying third party software they install on your system. P2P Doctor also corrects any problems created in your Windows registry by this third party software.

P2P Doctor also offers a stealth option to protect against unauthorized access to P2P Doctor by third party applications that may try to disable it. Other features include a P2P history cleaner to remove all remnants of p2p activity from your system, a backup before remove option to allow you to restore items removed by P2P Doctor, and a built in download accelerator.

This makes P2P searches faster and improves results. You even get automatic regular updates of P2P Doctor so you can keep your system cleaned of any new adware, spyware, that may get added to the file sharing programs. P2P Doctor contains no adware, spyware, or third party software.

Here are some key features of "P2P Doctor":

  • Removes all adware and spyware installed by Kazaa, iMesh, Morpheus, Bearshare, Limewire, and Warez P2P peer-to-peer / file sharing programs
  • Use these programs without the annoying adware and other nags they install on your system.
  • Onshield blocksnew spyware / adware from being installed
  • Blocks Popup Ads
  • Blocks Banner Ads
  • Run at Windows Startup Option
  • P2P History Cleaner - Remove all traces of P2P activity from your system
  • Includes a built in advanced download accelerator! Makes searches faster, and improves results!
  • Cleans Windows registry of entries made by unwanted software.
  • Live automatic update feature

  • 64 MB RAM or more

  • Repair Spyware: - Full Featured P2P Doctor allows you to repair all the malicious objects like spyware, mal ware etc found during the scan process. Though, to access this benefit, you need to purchase Full version of P2P Doctor application
  • Repair on Detection: - Demo version of P2P Doctor does not provide 'Repair on Detection' option, which when activated, allow the application to automatically repair spyware on detection without any user intervention

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