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ShadowSurfer 2.5

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April 14 2008


ShadowSurfer 2.5


ShadowSurfer eliminates new spyware, viruses and worms, cookies, internet history before being permanently written to your PC. ShadowSurfer is the solution against spyware, worms, cyberjunk or other malware that could harm your privacy or PC.

ShadowSurfer eliminates new spyware, viruses and worms, cookies, internet history, cyberjunk and malware before it is permanently written to your PC. ShadowStor`s unique approach allows you to activate ShadowMode which takes an exact snapshot of your PC and runs a virtual twin. To the end user, your PC runs as it always has, allowing you to run applications, games or surf the internet.

ShadowSurfer uses a unique method called ShadowMode to ensure PCs are protected. By placing PCs in ShadowMode with ShadowSurfer, you can be confident the system is going to be protected no matter what happens. ShadowMode tracks each system change and redirects them to an unused location on the disk. These system changes can be permanently saved to disk, or completely discarded. With ShadowMode, there is no need to specify regions on disk for backup or use BIOS functions to reserve space for OS images. ShadowMode is the most efficient and intelligent way to protect PCs.

ShadowSurfer provides non-restrictive, easy to use desktop security and protection for Windows operating systems. ShadowSurfer is the best way to prevent unwanted or malicious changes from being made to a PC. ShadowSurfer can restore the pre-ShadowMode system state no matter what has happened to the PC.

You can start a ShadowMode session, install trialware, games or surf the internet and discard those changes at the end of your session, keeping your PC in a clean and optimal state at all times.

With ShadowSurfer you can:Surf the internet Without a Trace of spyware, viruses and worms, cookies, internet history and temporary files. Kid-proof your PC or laptop by running in ShadowMode, installing games, and discarding those installations and changes at the end of your session.

Download and test trialware or shareware programs and instantly remove it. Surf the internet without having to clean up your tracks after the fact. There is nothing to clean up. Use the internet freely in Total Privacy and security. Instantly undo malicious or unwanted changes. There are many solutions on the market today that are trying to solve problems with spyware, viruses and worms, privacy, unwanted internet cookies and history by scrubbing the PC hard drive.

The problem with this approach is constant updates are required, fixes aren`t available until the spyware, virus, worms or malicious changes have already been written to your PC and damaged your system. The ShadowStor approach eliminates these problems before they ever get to your PC.

Here are some key features of "ShadowSurfer":

  • Prevent spyware and malware
  • Avoid viruses, worms and trojans
  • Surf the internet without a trace of unwanted cookies and internet history
  • Surf the internet in privacy by eliminating intrusive cyberjunk
  • Install and use trialware or games and discard at the end of a session
  • Kid-proof your PC by running in ShadowMode
  • Instantly undo changes to your PC

  • Processor - Pentium 133 MHz or faster
  • RAM - 128 MB

  • 15-days trial

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