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UAmp Video Player 1.0

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January 9 2008


UAmp Video Player 1.0


This program is a smal and simple player that support the common video files and will allow you to customly resize the screen uAmp Video Player is a very simple video player that supports the common video files. Easily resize video to any size, and control video speed with up/down and left/right arrows on keyboard. Display at any resolution, or full screen. Adjust speed at full screen.

Check the Full Scr box to display video full screen, or alternately, press the Enter key on keyboard. To change speed of video, use the up/down and left/right keys on your keyboard. Pressing down key slows video to 1/10th normal speed. Pressing left key slows video to 3/10ths speed. Pressing up key slows video to 3/4ths speed. Pressing right key returns the video to normal speed.

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