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BestCrypt Key 8.3

OS Support:

Windows Vista/2003/XP/2000/NT


Publisher Old version


March 25 2009


BestCrypt Key 8.3


BestCrypt Key saves password search state and can resume

BSEditor: BestCrypt Key recovers passwords for virtual hard disks encrypted with BestCrypt .

BestCrypt versions 6 and 7 are supported
Recovers passwords using a Combination of Brute-Force, Xieveâ?¢ or Dictionary attacks
Additional user dictionaries support, case changes, multiple mistypes and other modifications for each dictionary word
Program automatically saves password search state and can resume after a stop or a crash
Patterns can be used to minimize search time if any part of the password is known
Non-English characters in passwords are supported
Full install/uninstall support
BestCrypt uses an industry-strength encryption Algorithm that makes instant password calculation impossible. The speed of password recovery process depends on the encryption algorithm specified in BestCrypt and varies from 2,000 to 60,000 passwords per second

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