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Multi-Memory Calculator

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Windows 8/7/Vista/XP


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March 5 2012


Multi-Memory Calculator


5 calculators running at one time

BrothersoftEditor: The Multi Memory Calculator application was developed to be a 5 memory calculator that allows the user the ability to have 5 calculators running at one time.

Memory Function:
- Mem+ , add the current number to that memory
- Mem-, subtract the current number to that memory
- Store, Put the current number to that memory
- Recall, place the memory to the current number
- Swap, Put the current number to that memory and place the memory to the current number
- Circle – takes the value on the display and makes that the radius. The first time it gives you the circumference of that circle, the Second Time gives you the area of that circle, and the third time it will give you the volume of a Sphere.

3 – (circle) = 18.849555921. (Circumference = π D, or π x 3x2 )
(circle) again = 28.2743338815) Area = π r * r, or π x 9
(circle) again = 113.097335526) Volume = 4/3 π r * r * r

- Random – hitting this button will give you a random number between one and the value on the display.
- Distance. This button will calculate the distance using the infamous Pythagoras Theorem. For example, right triangle sides 3 and 4. Press 3 dist 4 = 5. 9 + 16 = 25, sqrt (25) = 5.

Memories can be accessed though the buttons or through the keyboard. The functions keys F1- F5 access memories 1-5. Just the Function Key alone adds to the memory. If you hit shift with the function key it subtracts it from the memory, and control swaps the contents of the memory with the display.

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