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SILVERRUN ModelSphere 3.1 Build 912

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Windows XP/2000/98


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December 8 2009


SILVERRUN ModelSphere 3.1 Build 912


Business Process - Data - UML - Java Modeling

Requirements: Java Runtime Environment 5.0 or higher

Brothersoft Editor: Open ModelSphere is a powerful data, process and UML modeling tool. It covers conceptual and logical data modeling as well as physical design. It supports several notations, e.g. Entity-Relationship, DATARUN and Information Engineering. Conceptual models can be converted to Relational models and vice versa.
Thanks to its reverse engineering capabilities, Open ModelSphere allows graphical visualization of your relational database's architecture, thus making modifications easy. As a complete data modeling tool / software, it allows the generation of SQL scripts from your model as well. It can also generate SQL script enabling you to synchronize your existing database with the model that you modified. Open ModelSphere supports all the database management systems in a generic manner. For some of them, like Oracle, Informix and DB2, Grandite also offers plug-ins, specific to the various concepts.

Open ModelSphere also helps systems analysts to integrate the creation of data flow and business process Diagrams and to elaborate an enterprise's workflow and logistics. You can specify resources, transactions, communicational exchanges, cost calculated in time, money and effort, etc. Open ModelSphere is not restricted to business process modeling, but also allows you to set up the technical design at the application system level.
Open ModelSphere supports you to schematize the various Processes' Details in a hierarchical manner, thus enabling you to decompose a process in subprocesses. When setting the data flow diagram, it becomes easier to design a relational database that meets the company's needs, hence avoiding loss of time and money.

Last, but not least - Open ModelSphere provides the functionality of a rich UML modeling tool / software. You can create Activity, Class, Collaboration, Component, Deployment, Package, Sequence, Statechart and Use Case diagrams.

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