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VC File Rename 1.0

OS Support:

Windows XP/2000


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November 19 2008


VC File Rename 1.0


File names are created from up to three predefined lists, Document

BS Editor: This program is very easy to use. File names are created from up to three predefined lists, Document Type, and two user-named lists.

Document Type - This list identifies the type of document as well as where the file will be located once it is renamed. Files can be moved to one or more Folders on any drive.

User-Named List 1 & 2 - These lists provide additional specificity to the file name. In the Screen Shot above, they are named Primary Party and Location, but they can be set to any name.

Date Stamps - The program also adds a stamp in varing formats for recurring files such as bills or montly statements.

Drag, Drop, Done! - Once the filename is created simply drag and drop the file(s) anywhere on the program's screen. The files are renamed and moved to the specified folder(s).

If you need to manage lots of files, this program is for you. I developed the program to assist in managing imaged documents in a medical office. Currently there are over 20,000 documents instanly searchable using the Google Desktop Search.

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